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An old Chinese proverb says that a Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step…This means that in order to create a successful business you have to start at the beginning. I know, it doesn’t sound sexy, but it’s true. You need a solid business plan to ensure the success of your business.

KeyA good business plan is the single biggest key to getting your business funded, whether from a bank, an angel investor, or venture capitalist firm. Your goal must be to answer your investors’ concerns right up front, including telling them your business’ upside potential, explaining any existing risks, presenting a compelling story of your core management competencies, and
dealing with any downside issues, as well as potential
investor dilution and company liquidity issues.

What do Investors Look For in a Business Plan?

This sounds like a lot to learn, but it gets much easier if you think like an Investor. Here’s what an Investor is likely to be thinking as he or she reads your business plan:


  • How much will I make? Try to keep the return on investment to at least forty percent (40%).

  • How Much Can I Lose? Here’s where you need a healthy dose of reality. You want to disclose that the investor may never make a dime in your business. Be sure to mention any existing loan guarantees and potential lawsuits.

  • Who Says This Idea is Any Good? You need third party verification of all of your claims in the business plan

  • Who Else is Involved in This Venture? Be certain to give the qualifications of your management team, and any other investors that are involved.

  • How large are the international, national and local markets for your product or service? Give a clear picture of how you are going to reach this market.

  • How do I Get My Money Back and When Can I Get Out? This is your investor’s Exit Strategy – arguably the most important question you’ll answer in your business plan.

Platinum Tower’s Executive Suite: The Business Plan is designed to protect you and your business

Hard HatI’ve been a Business Consultant for 30 years, and a Business Attorney for 20 of those 30 years…TRUST ME when I say that I’ve seen every TRAIN WRECK in Business…and I know how to keep YOU from being the next one.

I’m very excited to join with you to help you build your dream.

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Shaune Arnold’s [business planning] mastermind class gave us a life changing tool that has opened the door to two entities helping to raise funds for us.
– Vickie Grunelle-Hodges


Thank You Ms. Arnold for a wonderful learning and productive experience. I learned a great deal of information that enable me to take my business to a higher level. It was a pleasure.
– Dr. Kim Ladson

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Business Planning Can Be a Daunting Task…Climber

I’m honored and privileged to give you to tools that will break this entire business planning process down into easy, bite-sized pieces.

This business plan course will walk you through conducting market research, completing your competitive and customer analyses, and thinking through how you’ll position your products and services in the marketplace to maximize your profit potential.

Most importantly, this product focuses on your financials – the place where the rubber meets the road with Investors.

Platinum Tower’s Executive Suite: The Business Plan is a one-stop business planning solution that will help you get your business funded quickly and easily.


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