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Has a Coach…
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I’m Attorney Shaune B. Arnold.
I’m Your Business Accelerator.

Together, we’re going to start, build or fix
the business of your dreams.

Railroad Crossing SignI’ve been a Business Consultant for 30 years, and a Business Attorney for 20 of those 30 years. Trust me! I’ve seen every train wreck in business…and I know how to keep YOU from being the next one.

Cash FlowWhen we work together, you’ll discover the proven step-by-step method that I’ve developed to help you build a solid foundation for your business. You’ll develop a multi-tiered revenue stream that will put YOU in control, and give you the time, freedom and flexibility that you crave, in your business, and in your life.

Man on TelephoneEach month during this 12-week exclusive, private-label coaching program, you’ll receive four 1-hour coaching calls with me. Together, we’ll clarify your business model, benchmark you against your industry, identify the lowest hanging fruit in your business, orient you toward that fruit, and set goals for your business to get you there.

Whew! That’s a lot! But no worries. You’ll be tasting the nectar of true independence before you know it.


Together, We’ll Craft a Strategic
Plan of Action Based on Your Goals


Mind you, this is real work that you’re going to put in on building your business.

You’ll be held accountable for meeting those goals, and for setting new goals as they are achieved. I’ll be working directly with you to keep you focused and on track. For this reason, these personalized coaching slots are limited.

DumbbellsI want to give you and your business my full attention. That’s how we’re going to build a powerhouse business that you’ll be proud of, and that will easily support your needs as well as the needs of those you love.

In this program you’ll receive each month an additional 1-hour coaching call on various hot topics that affect your business, whether you are a start-up or a more established enterprise. You’ll get clarity and the confidence that comes from knowing that you’re making the right decisions for your business.

Listen to what people have to say about working with me…

Shaune … I know, unequivocally, that THIS…is going to create ripples in the Universe for those attuned to Transformation. I am one of these.

Sheila LyonHall


Shaune Arnold…I am in revenue mode!

–Vickie Grunnelle-Hodge


“Shaune Arnold…will inspire you. She’ll motivate you. She’ll provide great insight because she’s a brilliant attorney. She’s been my attorney. She represents me. She will teach you the strategies of how to grow your business; the ins and outs of how you can begin to…[build] an extraordinary business…”

Les Brown, Iconic Motivational Speaker

So, are you tired of wasting time, money and all of your precious energy? Are you finally ready to step up and invest in yourself, and in your dream? I AM Your Business Accelerator! – and I’m more than well qualified to help you start, build or fix a business that you’ll absolutely love.

…And just to make sure this is an offer that you just can’t say no to. I’m offering you my 30-day iron-clad, money back guarantee. If after working with me for 30 days, you’re not completely satisfied, I’ll refund your money. It’s as simple as that.


We are so confident our product will exceed your expectations that we are offering a NO QUESTIONS ASKED 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

That’s right! If you are not satisfied for ANY reason, we will GLADLY refund your entire purchase price! There is NO RISK involved with our product!


Okay! So, that’s it. There’s absolutely NO WAY you can lose, short of quitting on yourself. There are no more excuses. Your legacy awaits…

Click the link below, right NOW, and let’s get started building your dream!

But Wait…There’s More!

When you register, right now, for your Private Label Exclusive One-on-One Business Coaching, and pay in full TODAY, here’s what else you’ll get as special bonuses, just for you:

Order Right Now and
Receive These Special Bonuses!

Bonus #1 – $297 Value
Receive instant access to Platinum Tower’s Entrepreneur KickStarter package. In this pre-recorded webinar series you will receive Attorney Shaune’s expertise and valuable insights on all of the following subjects:

  • Supercharge Your Vision, Build Your Legacy. Learn Strategies to Explode Your Brand and Build an Unforgettable Business
  • Finally, Answer the Age-Old Question: To LLC or Not to LLC? Choose the Right Corporate Structure for Your Business
  • Harness the Power of Strategic Alliances. Use Joint Ventures, Franchising, and Other Powerful Strategies to Gain Instant Customers and Produce Wealth
  • Get it in Writing! Survey the General Structure of Business Agreements, Discover the Tricks, Triggers and Red Flags You Need to Look for and Business Terms You Just Can’t do Without
  • Spearhead Your Grassroots Project: Learn Ground Zero Product Development Strategies That Transform a Napkin Idea Into Products that Fly OFF the Shelves
  • Discover That It Really IS a Small World After All: Using Social Media, Link Strategies, SEO, and Affiliate Marketing to Drive Global Sales
  • Your Grey Matter Matters. Create Residual Income by Utilizing Copyrights, Trademarks and Patents to Protect and License Your Intellectual Property


Bonus #2 – $47 Value
The Art of Negotiation. In this humorous 1-hour audio CD you’ll learn to think like a negotiator. You’ll understand how to think creatively, eliminate the fear that’s often associated with negotiations, and get what you want from anyone!
Bonus #3 – $350 Value
In addition to everything listed above, we’re going to start with a FREE laser coaching session on your business. You’ll walk away from this meeting with a clear plan of action for your business in 2014.

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Private Label Exclusive
One-on-One Business Coaching Program

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I’m So Very Excited to Work With You to Start, Build or Fix the Business of Your Dreams.


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